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The 7 Best Smart Home Blogs You Need to Read Right Now

We’ve scoured the web in search of the best written, most consistently brilliant, and fully comprehensive smart home blogs. Check the full list here now.

Smart homes are trending like crazy. 

And for good reason – the worldwide smart home market is predicted to be worth €45 billion ($53.5 billion) by 2023, with the number of smart homes tipped to pass the 300 million mark by the following year. 

So, the sudden surge in smart home blogs makes sense. Still, it can be hard to find true experts in a competitive space.

That’s why we’ve scoured the web in search of the best written, most consistently brilliant, and fully comprehensive smart home blogs out there.

Here’s our pick of the bunch!

Best Smart Home Blogs

7 Best Smart Home Blogs - TechBuddy Infographic

1. Best All-rounder – CNET

1.7M Twitter followers

cnet - smart home blog

The world’s leading tech reviews website, CNET has its own dedicated smart home blog. When it comes to breaking smart home news and cutting-edge reviews of the best gadgets, gizmos, and smart home devices on the market, CNET is way ahead of the curve.

These people seriously know their stuff. Expert analysis and concise, captivating writing is backed up by highly professional photography and super sleek design. When it comes to smart home blogs, this one is the smartest of the lot. 

2. Best for Deep Dives – TechHive

59,500 Twitter followers

TechHive - smart home blog

This blog goes deep. For the sheer number of review categories – 25 and counting – as well as the depth of each piece, TechHive is hard to beat. If you’re the kind of tech-head who wants to know every angle of a product before you buy it, this blog could be the one for you.

TechHive’s content is focussed more on cool gadgetry and entertainment – think audio/visual devices, security drones, and smart lighting systems. While they’re a little light on smart kitchen and bathroom content, there’s plenty here for the smart home enthusiast.

3. Best for Global Reach – TechRadar

217.7K Twitter followers

techradar - smart home blog

Featuring editions in 19 different countries around the world, TechRadar has a comprehensive global reach that’s hard to beat. It’s very consumer-focused, with countless reviews and top 10 product articles covering the full spectrum of smart home devices available. 

They don’t just skim the smart surface though – each review is thorough, well-structured, and engaging, with a great balance of quality and quantity.

4. Best for Quality Content – The Ambient

1,953 Twitter followers

the ambient - smart home blog

Like its sister site Wareable – the world’s biggest wearable tech website – the Ambient aims to blur the boundaries between tech and lifestyle. A relative newcomer on the smart home scene, the Ambient’s popularity has soared since its 2018 launch. 

Featuring the latest smart tech news, in-depth how-to guides, countless ‘best of’ lists, and a whole section devoted to Alexa, this blog has got all bases covered. It’s not all about quantity though – the Ambient is one of the best written smart home blogs out there.

5. Best for Reviews – Tom’s Guide

29.8K Twitter followers

Tom's Guide - smart home blog

Another blog that gets deep into smart home products, Tom’s Guide is an expert when it comes to audio/visual, entertainment, and smart home security. As the humble title suggests, this is a no-frills, down-to-earth smart home blog that connects with its readership through concise writing and engaging content.

Where Tom’s Guide shines is its reviews. With countless in-depth round-ups, ‘best pick’ lists, and product comparisons covering everything from robot mops to security drones, Tom Guide’s got an expert opinion on all things smart. 

6. Best for How-to Guides – Make Tech Easier

7.1K Twitter followers

maketecheasier - smart home blog

Specifically aimed at tech newbies and those who might be put off by the technical jargon of the smart home scene, Make Tech Easier is an excellent smart home blog that makes smart home tech accessible and understandable for everyone. 

Their specialty lies in how-to guides, with concise, engaging, and often amusing advice on everything from smart security and voice assistant integration to smart lighting and geofencing. 

7. Best for News – Pocket Lint

29.6K Twitter followers

Pocket Lint - smart home blog

A trusted authority on all things consumer tech, Pocket-lint have recently zeroed-in on smart homes. Buyers guides, reviews, news, and the latest deals make up content that informs and entertains in equal measure.

Pocket-lint’s news features are particularly strong, which comes as no surprise – it’s run by a professional team of tech journalists from across the world. Aside from its devoted readership, this excellent blog is also taken seriously by major tech companies – Apple, Samsung, Sky, and LG have all quoted Pocket-lint in their marketing during the past year.

And finally…

As part of our journey to bring the best tech support direct to your homes, BuddyCompany is busy building our very own dedicated tech blog that covers lots of smart home topics too.

So, for ahead-of-the-curve smart home news, in-depth reviews, buying guides, and expert advice, subscribe to the BuddyCompany blog now!

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