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November 2, 2021

TechBuddy becomes BuddyCompany: New direction, new brand, more services

TechBuddy, a European tech support company, announced that it will gather all their companies under one brand, and make all their services available through one single app.

Stockholm, 2 November 2021--TechBuddy, a European tech support company, today announced that it will gather all their companies under one brand, and make all their services available through one single app. After the acquisition of TaskRunner and TidyApp a few months ago, the company now operates under the name BuddyCompany, a one-stop shop for all services around the home. 

Through the BuddyCompany app that as of today is available in Sweden on Google Play Store and AppStore, customers can easily book an expert that helps them with handyman services, tech support, cleaning, and much more. All services from TechBuddy Sweden, TaskRunner, and TidyApp are available through the one single app, BuddyCompany app, and even more services and brands will be added through acquisitions and partnerships over the course of the coming years. 

CEO and founder Tahero Nori comments: “The global demand for on site services is on the rise, accelerated by the COVID pandemic, since people are spending much more time and money at and on their home. The Swedish RUT statistic supports this trend, growing with hundreds of thousands of buyers year over year. Yet only 11% of the Swedish population are utilizing this subsidy. BuddyCompany wants to change that and make services affordable, accessible and available to people across Sweden and beyond. This will be achieved by utilizing the scalable platform and business model that brought TechBuddy to have nationwide coverage in four markets, so that the synergies between digital innovation and a convenient life can serve more than just people living in the biggest cities. 

From TechBuddy to BuddyCompany

TechBuddy was founded in 2016 at the hands of Tahero Nori who identified a gap between the latest technology products and the barriers for customers to make the most out of them. Customers increasingly demand support to benefit from the latest technology. Based on that idea, Tahero Nori established TechBuddy that today is a recognized brand for tech support in Sweden, Spain, Germany, and Israel. 

After more than four years, the company has built a cutting-edge tech platform to handle service requests at large and managed to build an expert community of over 1,000 Buddies that solved more than 100,000 tech services for their customers in the comfort of their homes. To offer even more services in other verticals for their customers, TechBuddy acquired two more companies, TaskRunner and TidyApp, earlier this year. The three companies will now operate under the brand BuddyCompany, a one-stop shop for all home services, where customers can book all kinds of services through an easy to use app