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November 24, 2022

TechBuddy Spain partners with IKEA to drive adoption of Home Smart solutions

TechBuddy Spain starts a collaboration with IKEA to offer its customers an on-site installation service for IKEA Home Smart devices.

Barcelona, ​​November 24, 2022 - The Spanish entity of TechBuddy, a leading European brand for technical services, starts a collaboration with IKEA to offer its customers an on-site installation service for IKEA Home Smart devices. In the first stage, the service will be available in all stores in Madrid and Barcelona. 

“We have seen a growing interest in the home, particularly the smart home in recent years. Digital solutions and technology have become essential elements in our day-to-day life and now also in our homes. The smart home is an evolution of the home in which you live and enjoy, remotely controlling devices such as lighting, speakers, and blinds, among others. At IKEA we want to go one step further in our commitment to smart homes and help consumers who may be hesitant when it comes to digitizing their home and making their day-to-day life a little easier”, says Carlos Cocheteux, Country Selling Manager of IKEA Spain.

IKEA has been offering smart home products for 8 years and recently announced the launch of the Ikea Home Smart application and a smart hub, called Dirigera, to control the array of smart devices at home.

The Buddies, TechBuddy's tech experts, will be visiting customers' homes to configure and connect all the IKEA Home Smart devices. In addition, they will educate and provide advice on how to get the most out of the new devices.

“It is a pleasure to work with a brand like IKEA to accompany its clients in the digital transition in their homes”, comments Raúl Nuñez-Romero López, Country Manager of TechBuddy Spain.

TechBuddy has been operating in Spain for more than four years and has helped more than 200,000 people in Sweden, Spain, Israel and Germany overcome tech anxiety by making the most of new devices at home.

The synergy between IKEA and TechBuddy will ensure that customers receive a comprehensive customer experience.

About TechBuddy

TechBuddy is the leading European company for on-site and remote technical support. Founded in 2016 in Sweden by Tahero Nori, it was born with the clear objective of making technology more accessible to everyone.

TechBuddy's business model is based on the sharing economy. Through Buddies, tech-savvy freelancers who work to inspire and guide people in an area they are passionate about, TechBuddy helps clients get the most out of the technology available on the market.

By using a proprietary platform to manage large volumes of services, TechBuddy has become the extended arm of large telecommunications companies and consumer electronics retailers to serve customers in their homes or offices.‍

About IKEA

Almost eight decades ago, in 1943, IKEA was born in Sweden. 25 years ago we landed in Spain. Since then, our mission has been to create a better day-to-day life with a concept that has changed homes forever: “democratic design”. We commit to give all people access to functional, sustainable, high-quality, designer products at an affordable price.

To reach this goal, we are guided by our values and fueled by great passion for what we do. Our strong point is the team spirit and enthusiasm of all of us who make up IKEA Spain. We work hard, but we have fun doing it. We are an inclusive company, committed to equality and caring for the planet.


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