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Strawberry & BuddyCompany

For a comfortable and flexible stay.


from 245 kr/h


from 499 kr/h


from 599 kr/h

Furniture assembly

from 149 kr/h

The Strawberry special welcome package

You will enjoy

24*7 service within BuddyCompany

300 SEK Prepaid

on the card and tenants can then top up the card by purchasing an amount

10% discount

for your as VIP guests get opportunity to top up 300 kr and get 500 kr. Within 30 days of registration

Experience comfort

and flexibility with the Strawberry Special Welcome Package.

Recive 300 kr pre-filled

credits and a 10% discount on services throughout your lease period.BuddyCompany offers a wide range of services, including Wifi, cleaning, transportation, and more.


a hassle-free stay with all your needs taken care of by BuddyCompany.

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How it Works

Booking any of our services is as easy as one, two, three! Here's how:

Visit our services marketplace at

Browse and pick the service that best suits your needs.

Choose your preferred date and time.

Sit back and relax!

Our professional buddies will arrive at your doorstep to get the job done.

We've brought the BuddyCompany experience right to your Strawberry Apartment Hotel, making your stay more comfortable, flexible, and delightful than ever.

Welcome to a new standard of living!

Hello, all hotel owners!

Do you want the perfect cleaning service for your hotel? Then it's time to choose Buddy and Strawberry! Our companies offer incredible advantages for hotel cleaning. Here are some of our features and benefits:

Professionell service:

We are experts in hotel cleaning and always strive for perfection. You can trust us to make your hotel sparkling clean and welcoming for your guests.


We adapt to your needs and schedules. Whether you need daily cleaning, regular maintenance, or special services, we are here to help you.

Kvalificerad personal:

Our teams consist of well-trained and reliable professional cleaners. You can be confident that your hotel will receive the best service from our skilled employees.

Personlig touch:

We understand that each hotel is unique and has its own specific needs. We listen to your requests and create customized cleaning solutions that fit your hotel perfectly.